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Unusual Gifts & One-off Accessories for Ladies & Gentlemen

If you are looking for a unique gift or a one-off accessory, you've come to the right place. I stock vintage jewellery, headpieces, bags, scarves and other accessories for LADIES, including vintage BRIDAL accessories


For the GENTLEMEN, I have a great selection of vintage cufflinks, tie pins and bars, ties, cravats and other unusual accessories.


I can source specific pieces, so if you are looking for something special that I don't have in my stock, get in touch via my Contact Form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


If you have any inquiries or you would like me to mail out an item or arrange a meet up with you, please send me a message. My contact information is set out below. I accept payment by PayPal


Thank you so much for your interest!

Photos by Faye Bollard Photography

Glam Up!

Accessorise with a vintage bag, scarf, belt or gloves and transform an ordinary outfit into something special. How about a 50s compact to check your red lippy? We stock:


Unique vintage jewellery can finish off an outfit, whether formal or casual, and also make a perfect one-off gift. Stand out from the crowd with any one of our fabulous pieces. We stock:

Vintage La Touche_Dress Outfit.jpg
Vintage La Touche Red dress.jpg


Vintage or handmade headpieces are perfect for special occasions like weddings, black tie events and the Races and can be as subtle or flamboyant as you dare to wear!

See full collection

Vintage La Touche hat gloves 2.jpg

Adding a vintage hat and gloves, or a 1950s brooch to an ordinary black dress can make a woman stand out from the crowd
'Enduring Vintage'  by Ruth O'Connor  The Sunday Business Post


For the bride who would like to add one-off pieces with history to her big day, check my bridal sections for unique headpieces, jewellery and bridal bags.

Vintage La Touche Bridal.jpg

...some of the appeal of vintage is that the items are unique. They were produced in small quantities in the first place and many would not have survived...
'Enduring Vintage'   by Ruth O'Connor  The Sunday Business Post

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